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I'm a passionate, pragmatic manager with a keen interest in driving organizational development, particularly in the areas where product and business intersect. I love helping companies structure for success,  building high performance teams and developing the processes that make it happen.


Spending time in the field with customers and partners, and presenting at industry events is an essential part of my job and I enjoy traveling the world and making and executing deals in various sales and business development roles.


I'm a team player, and for most of my professional life I've enjoyed leading a diverse set of people across different functions and specialist areas. Here I think the most important focus is on building a great culture and the development of high potential individuals . For example, over the last 5 years I have had success building-up a product management organization from scratch and integrating it into one of the fastest growing companies its segment.


Privately I'm a Berlin native (ein echter Berliner) and live in Prenzlauer Berg. In my spare time I like to cook, listen to audio books / podcasts, watch TED talks, go to gym, play a good PC game and travel the world.


From early on I was passionate about technology and I'm a huge Science Fiction fan. At the moment I'm especially into Virtual Reality.


I'm also a huge crowdfunding-fan and have backed a lot of projects the world needs and some the world doesn't. ;-).