Goodbye Open-Xchange

When I joined Open-Xchange in 2011 the company had around 60 people and it's global business was in its infancy. After a time in key account management, I moved on to business development and then finally took over product management.


During this time the company was growing rapidly and had to onboard people quickly. So I learned first-hand the importance of focus, efficient lightweight process and pragmatic execution which is the foundation of sustainable growth beyond 100+ employees and key to transforming a regional player into a global business. No matter how tough the going was it was always the Open-Xchange Spirit which helped us deliver and allowed us to make the impossible possible.


I have met a lot of great people and made some good friends. I will especially remember the people that have worked with me in my team and the great team events we had. Even though our team was highly distributed all across Germany and Europe we managed to create a great team spirit and cohesion.


But it's not only the people at Open-Xchange that are amazing, but also the partners and customers, the whole ecosystem. One of my personal highlights have been the OX Summits which are among the best events in the industry. I will never forget all the amazing discussions, dinners and drinks we had.


But now after 5 great years I have decided to move on and start new chapter in my life because it is time for a change.


First I will take a break for a few months and then come back fully charged and ready for a new challenge and since the tech world is actually smaller than we think, I'm sure I will see you sooner rather than later!

The OX PMs at a team in event in Bremen
The OX PMs at a team in event in Bremen

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